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Hoonah Travel AdventuresWhale Watching | Wilderness Tour | City Tour | Canoe Experience(907) 321-3393
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Hoonah Travel AdventuresWhale Watching | Wilderness Tour | City Tour | Canoe Experience(907) 321-3393
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Hoonah Travel AdventuresWhale Watching | Wilderness Tour | City Tour | Canoe Experience(907) 321-3393
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Premier Sightseeing Tour Company in Icy Strait/Hoonah Alaska

How often do you get to go whale watching or searching for brown bears? Have you dreamed of taking a tour of the pristine natural beauty of Alaska, and setting out on an adventure? Hoonah Travel Adventures can provide the getaway of a lifetime! We are an independent wilderness experience offering Whale Watching, Wilderness Tours, Brown Bear Search, the Taste of Hoonah & City Tour, and Tlingit Canoe & Culture Experience. Timed to coincide with cruise ship schedules for your convenience, all tours pick up and drop-off at the Icy Strait Point Excursions Hub, just a short eight-minute walk from the harbor.

These and other adventures await you at Hoonah’s premier tour company!

Whale-Watching Tours

Set sail from Icy Strait Point and travel the shorelines keeping watch for bears, deer, coastal ducks and geese, blue herons, puffins, swans, terns, cormorants, and more. Alongside the boat, you’ll often catch sight of humpbacks, orcas, sea otters, sea lions, porpoises and seals, attracted to the nutrient-rich waters of Glacier Bay. Built for speed and comfort, our boats are perfect for Alaskan sailing with spacious viewing desks and heated cabins, allowing you to stay warm and dry as you take in the wonder that our northernmost state has to offer.

Brown Bear Searches

Chichagof Island, just off the Alexander Archipelago of the Alaskan Panhandle, is home to many woodland creatures due to the majority of the island being uninhabited. Some of the most fascinating and fun creatures to watch are the brown bears! Ursus actors, or brown bears, are the king of our lush forests, but live peacefully with the Sitka black-tail deer, bald eagles, minks, martens, beavers, ducks, and seabirds who share their home. Our guides know where the bears spend their time during different seasons and will take you on a wondrous journey through Chichagof’s wilderness.

Wilderness Tours

Set out on a rugged, self-guided tour of the island in an Arctic Cat vehicle! Once a thriving logging community, Hoonah has miles and miles of old logging roads that will take you through our towering rainforest. Breathe in the majesty as you witness bald eagles, blacktail deer, and even brown bears in their natural habitat. All vehicles are equipped with Garmin GPS navigational devices and are preloaded with maps, points of interest, and scenic viewpoints.

Taste of Hoonah and City Tour

Discover Hoonah’s history as a fishing and logging village, culminating in brews and dinner at the Hoonah Beach House! Starting with a short but scenic ride to the idyllic Tlingit settlement, your guide will share the history and culture of Hoonah and South East Alaska’s hidden treasures. The Hoonah Beach House offers local craft beer and seafood, with dining decks right on the water! Humpback whales are often spotted right off the deck and provide our guests with a one-of-a-kind dining experience.

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We have an experienced crew who will see to it that your tour is comfortable, safe, and, of course, breathtakingly beautiful. Call 
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